Who can guess what this is?

dye setup

One would think that when the work takes us outside, that the outdoor work would happen in the summer( and as this image states, sometimes it does) and that all the indoor work, the hours of stitching, would happen in the winter. But my life has always been a construction of opposites. If you have not guessed, this is as dye stove setup designed for accommodating thirty six inch long blocks. Using this setup I have created art work for hospitals, hotels, churches, and homes.

My process is complex and time consuming. It takes some special tools, skills, and know how. Creators who love a challenge and embrace the notion that nothing will ever turn out EXACTLY the same way twice love working this way. People who want to plan every single step? not so much.

I need outdoor space, indoor space, work table space, heat, a water source, and a myriad of tools and supplies. We make most of the tools we use, though, and most of what we need is easily available at the big box hardware store.

You might be asking yourself what happens in this contraption. I am asking myself the same thing. It is never the same twice. I am looking forward to what comes out next.

Carol LeBaron




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