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Stage 1: Ferns for Misquamicut(working title)

I got to have a first decision making meeting with a client today. I love doing commission work. The first thing we do is create the space, the size, and decide on color.

This piece will be ferns in a landscape. But it will be my conception of a landscape; a map of the colors and sensations and memories of landscapes that she and I have both traveled.

In my process, when I go to studio to create a new piece, the first thing I do is always to outline its shape and size with trimmed cloth pieces from other works — my “scrap bin”, you might say — that has some underpinning of color decisions to it. This is my space, my space to play.

Over the next weeks stitch meditations and colors will grow together and the “empty” space will be transformed.

Carol LeBaron




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