Stages in creating silk patterns

There are so many stages to the textile process. How is it possible that delicate line, texture and imagery can come from dirty five gallon buckets? It never ceases to amaze me.

A question I have asked myself lately is, “Where do I feel stretched too thin? What old rules do I need to stop following?” The answer to the first question? I am stretched like Gumby. I am a stretched out finger of that green rubber glove. I can get to the point where I want to be all things, perfect everywhere, in every direction. That is when it is time to step back. Time to put a piece of cloth in the pot and allow myself to give up control; to allow the chemistry of dye, alkali, sodium, acid, heat…..those forces take over, and I let go. The old rules that I need to stop following? Those can be summed up in this quote:

“Are you not ashamed of your eagerness to possess as much wealth, reputation, and honors as possible, while you do not care for nor give thought to wisdom or truth, or the best possible state of your soul?” — Plato

Now I am not certain that I seek the former; but what do any of us find when we look into the dark windows of our souls? What are our motives? Plato also talks about the shadows on the walls. And the Greeks also knew the dangers of looking too hard into the hollow corners of the cave. We could uncover things that are best left resting, known, acknowledged, and undisturbed.

All of these meanderings bring me back to my central thought for today, which is that I have found a way out of the maze. I have also got a road map that I can share with others. If you want to know more about the journey you can find me easily.

Carol LeBaron



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