Positive and negative = parallel roads to creative wellbeing

Snow on the hill

When it snows in East Tennessee, all motion stops. There is snow predicted a couple of days from now. This precipitated a trip to town, 20 miles away, to lay in some supplies. I left before dawn this morning, and drifted up and down empty aisles, passing one or two other masked ghosts on a similar errand. I am often jealous of myself when I am doing mundane tasks like shopping. Meaning, I want to be working, writing, stitching, designing, teaching. Connecting. It came to me on the drive home that the fact that I consider my time so precious is a rare gift, one that I just saw in a new light today.

Einstein stated that a happy life is tied to goals, rather than to people or things. If I look at my own time as a precious jewel to be placed into various activities, I see that one goal is a deeper understanding of the meaning and purpose in each increment of time used.

I received an email this morning that addressed the concept of accurate thinking.

“Healthy optimism comes from accurate thinking. Understanding exactly where you are, having a plan to move forward…confident that you are doing the right thing”. Jason Stapleton

Optimism is not necessarily head in the sand avoidance action. As the image I posted at the top of this article shows, sometimes there are forces within and without our control that can give us the perception that our progress is stalled. The trick is to take every circumstance that life throws at us and find a way to use it to propel us forward, wherever forward for us is.

The most positive mindset can come from looking squarely at reality. In fact, my entire method of stitch and dye came from a necessary surgery. That event propelled me into a twenty year journey of deepening discovery and imagery.

I can’t wait to shovel snow.

Carol LeBaron





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