Carol LeBaron
2 min readDec 14, 2022

I find myself, in this preholiday stillness, with large piles of unrelated projects. Bills to pay, digital files, website planning, new workshops planned for 2023, Christmas decorations, bread recipe, ingredients for a turmeric-based cleansing drink — -some are in my mind, some scattered around the house and studio.

I think it is because basic human needs have equal priority in my maze of a brain. Mazlow’s hierarchy gives higher purpose a bright star and a place at the top. I suppose his idea is that food and water support family , self esteem, property and the spiritual journey.

I jump from one to the other. For example, today, I helped my daughter with a technical problem, downloaded photos for a design project, sewed an inch on my sewing, made coffee and tea, did half the dishes, and thought about exercise. In truth, exercise is probably one of the most important things I can do in a day, because I am recovering from both illness and a truck accident, but today it has taken a back seat to computer work.

I have made lists, bought planners, created sketchbooks, spent hours writing down things in order of priority, only to do the opposite of everything I have written.

Today I got the idea for a digital Antiplanner. I do this in my sketchbook anyways. I make all different kinds of pages for different things. I seem to have so much of my creative work in the digital realm right now that I need a digital way to do what I do in my sketchbooks. The best thing about an antiplanner is that I always get everything done. Sometimes even before they go into the planner.

Planning an antiplanner is the opposite of planning but a double negative, squared.

My unplanned days in this holiday season are glorious. I am grateful for every idea I have, actualized or not.

If you want to antiplan get a free antiplanner here